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Adventures of Philip Marlowe

Adventures of Philip Marlowe was an detective drama broadcast from 1947 to 1950 on CBS and NBC. The program was based on the novels of Raymond Chandler, an influential crime writer of the time. Gerald Mohr played the hard-boiled detective Philip Marlowe.

Gerald Mohr gave Marlowe one of the most distinctive voice in the air. His brassy, deep, and authoritative voice carried the charm of the narrative. Each show opens with Marlowe's signature line, "Crime is a sucker's road, and those who travel it end up in the gutter, the prison, or an early grave."

There are 105 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Who Shot Waldo June 12, 1947
Red Wind June 17, 1947
Trouble Is My Business August 5, 1947
The King in Yellow July 8, 1947
The Hard Way Out November 28, 1948
The Heart of Gold October 24, 1948
Red Wind September 26, 1948
The Old Acquaintance December 26, 1948
Where There's a Will October 17, 1948
The Panama Hat October 10, 1948
The Persian Slippers October 3, 1948
The Key Man June 25, 1949
The Lady Killer August 20, 1949
The Unfair Lady June 4, 1949
The Busy Body June 18, 1949
Mexican Boat Ride July 30, 1949
The Dude from Manhattan July 2, 1949
The Pigeons Blood June 11, 1949
The Headless Peacock July 16, 1949
The Fine Italian Hand November 5, 1949
The Green Witch October 29, 1949
The Smokeout October 22, 1949
The Strangle Hold October 15, 1949
The Open Window October 8, 1949
The Tale of the Mermaid October 1, 1949

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